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September 18, 2008

• Helen Clark is now the White Witch

This is an update to an earlier post.

The local Labour Party faithful have been busy with their hammers and sickles putting up billboards, so I went out to see Herr Helen’s photo, which the NZ Herald obsequiously described as ‘glamorous’.

Glamorous it is not, and neither is it realistic. There isn’t so much digital dentistry this time around, but the shape of her face and her eyes have been altered so that it doesn’t look like her at all. Those who accuse Helen of being a lesbian will probably think that the photo makes her look a little butch.

Photo from NZ Herald

The moral of the story is this: Helen will publicly display whatever persona suits her ends. In my humble opinion she is fundamentally dishonest, in accordance with her dogma.

Only a dishonest Prime Minister who had utter contempt for the rule of law and considered herself to be above the law would pass a law that breaches another law. According to the NZ Law Society, the Electoral Finance Act does breach the Bill of Rights. This is not some minor clash of laws, rather the EFA violates a fundamental Act that gives us some protection from the State. In my humble opinion this is treason and all those who voted for the EFA should at least be removed from office and forbidden from holding public office in the future*.

A government that considers itself to be above the law is a tyrannical government, and the leader of such a government is a despot.

Seeing a picture of that despot wearing a white jacket reminds me of the evil White Witch who ruled Narnia.


* According to my dictionary treason is “violation or betrayal of the allegiance that a person owes his sovereign or his country”, also “any treachery or betrayal”.



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