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November 8, 2008

Election 2008: Helengrad falls

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So, we have 122 MPs (far too many), National + ACT have 64 seats, and perhaps Peter Dunne will join them. John Key doesn’t like Roger Douglas so that will make things interesting. Will National go with Maori instead? They are ideological brethren.

MMP shows it’s fundamental flaws when the small parties hold the balance of power. What happened to the promised referendum?

I’m glad to see that Winston Peters is gone – if I had a farm dog that behaved like Peters does I would have shot it long ago.

Helen is going to stand down as party leader, which is a mixed blessing. The extreme feminist wing of Labour will still be steering the ship, but without Helen as the figurehead of that ship the public are more likely to forget that the ship carries an invasion force.

National has promised to repeal the Electoral Finance Act, but apart from that don’t expect them to return any of the freedoms taken by Labour: governments love power and don’t like giving it up.

John Key is a Socialist/Marxist like Helen (albeit Key is a paler shade of red) and we are still slaves. Hopefully our new slave master will be kinder than the former one.

Let’s not forget the good news: Labour and the Greens are gone. The reign of the White Witch has ended 😀


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