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ACT Party

The home of the infamous Yellow Jacket.

The Concise Guide To Economics

A plain-English guide to economics, with each section being bite-sized. If you want to read only one thing about economics then read this.

Home Education Foundation

A New Zealand website covering many aspects of, well, home education.

Family First

The Liberal Left has an anti-family agenda because destroying the family unit enables the removal of children from the family cradle to the state cradle, which is an excellent way of controlling society. Family First is a pro-family group opposed to this agenda.

~ Click here to see the Family First record of how politicians voted on social agenda legislation in 2002-2008.

~ Click here for a post that explains the origins of the anti-family agenda of the Liberal Left.

The Family Party

This is from their website:

THE FAMILY PARTY was created to re-establish traditional family values and to put families first again in Government. Party policies aim to enhance the social and economic position of all New Zealand families.

Living Off the Smell Of An Oily Rag

An essential part of economics (personal and otherwise) is wise use of the resources that you have, and when you waste money you’re actually wasting your life (click here for an explanation of that).

The Oily Rag site gives free access to all sorts of practical tips for minimising waste and living cheaply. Updates are available via email, you can contribute tips, and books are available.

This site is heaven for penny-pinchers, paupers, greenies, scrooges, and those who wring the last drop out of the detergent bottle (haters of waste).

Ludwig von Mises Institute

This is an excellent website for learning about classical liberalism.The home page has their Daily Article and you can receive that via RSS. There are also many articles available in mp3 format.

~ Click here for a brief statement of their position.

~ Click here for suggested reading material if you want to learn more.

~ Click here for information on their home study course.

National Council of Home Educators New Zealand

Home educators uniting to promote and protect the freedom to home school in New Zealand.

Problogger blog tips

A blog giving tips on blogging. Ideal if you want something with more depth.

Top Ten Blog Tips

Blogging tips from a Brit organised into, well, groups of ten. Short and sweet.


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