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September 19, 2008

Union support for the Labour Party – Part 2

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The Service & Food workers Union has been doing a mailout, which I presume is going to all 23,000+ members. I’ll show you what the mailout contains, then I’ll make some brief comments; click on the images to see them full size.

First, the envelope: note the bait used to get people to open it.

Now we get the the “Important New Benefits”. They’re hardly important: an extra $500 free accidental death cover and the child cover has gone from $250 to $500. The additional cover available has doubled but so has the price. John Ryall writes “In Solidarity”.

Then, on the other side of that page we find what is effectively an electoral advertisement. Note the Marxist concept of fairness, and it’s interesting that the Labour Party isn’t named. A electoral enrolment form is also enclosed.

We live in what is theoretically a free country, and there is nothing wrong with people expressing their opinions. However, I have two objections to this union mailout:

1) the duplicitous nature of the mailing. The envelope trumpets the ‘Important New Benefits’, which turn out to be rather unimportant, and in my humble opinion the whole thing is just bait to get people to read an election advertisement.

2) it is also duplicitous when unions say that they are there to help the workers, when in fact they are simply a political tool of the Marxists: I believe that the union should be honest about their motivation. Union members don’t realise that they are being used: history shows that Marxists use workers to gain power, then oppress those workers.

However, lies are the native language of Marxists so none of this surprises me.

It is also interesting to note the enclosed electoral enrolment form: the Left has had a long history of needing to push their target demographic to enrol, and will convey voters to the booths if necessary. The Right never has this problem; have you ever heard of the Business Round Table posting electoral enrolment forms to its members? What is the difference? As Theodore Dalrymple says in Life at the bottom : the worldview that makes the underclass there are many people for who do not think beyond their daily routine of TV, pub, food, cigarettes and visits to the welfare office. They have no thought for tomorrow, and politics may as well be in another galaxy for all its relevance to them.

Helen Clark used the perfectly legal activities of the Exclusive Brethren as an excuse for bringing in an illegal law that stifles free speech, selling the lie that money buys elections. What she actually did was make a law that is so confusing that only those who can afford lawyers speak out (e.g. unions), whilst everyone keeps quiet for fear of the police. The White Witch does not like dissent.



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