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November 7, 2008

Election 2008: weather and fireworks

Weather Unfortunately the forecast is good for the entire country, with just a few showers predicted in some places. The Right doesn’t like fine election days because left wing voters are more inclined to stay home when it’s wet, which says a lot about the expectation of comfort, self motivation and personal enterprise of those who vote for the left. Some people say that left wing voters are less likely to have cars because they are oppressed, but in my area where over 50% of the population is welfare dependent every man and his dog has a car and a satellite dish. This includes those living in state housing.

Fireworks The election is three days after Guy Fawkes and surprise, surprise, Helen Clark has laid off the nanny state act this time; last year she was threatening the naughty children with a total ban.

In 2006 Marian Hobbs introduced the Fireworks Safety Bill* and it is safe to assume that a total ban on sales to the public is still on the Labour agenda. Notice that they call it the Fireworks Safety Bill, not the Fireworks Banning Bill. This form of lying by politicians is nothing new.

Personally I’d be happy to strap Labour and the Greens to a giant sky rocket and send them on a one way trip to Mars.


* a couple of points from the press release I’ve linked to:

1) Hobbs refers to the “illegal” use of fireworks: if they’re being used illegally why don’t they just use the existing laws? In NZ there is a repeated pattern of introducing laws to cover something that is already illegal.

2) Hobbs says “This Fireworks Safety Bill allows for communities to hold public fireworks displays”. Well, isn’t she so kind, allowing the serfs to go and watch a regulated fireworks display. Let no one say that Labour is the Fun Police.

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