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August 1, 2009

• John Key’s hypocrisy and arrogance regarding the anti-smacking law

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In my earlier post I put up videos showing Sue Bradford’s lies and arrogance regarding the anti-smacking law. Now I’ll show you that John Key is no better.

Not long before the anti-smacking law was passed Key said

The Labour Government has shown utter contempt for New Zealanders and the democratic process with its plan to railroad the anti-smacking bill through Parliament…

“The Labour-led Government knows the measure is deeply unpopular, so it plans to act against the wishes of the majority of Kiwis and ram the bill through under urgency.

“This is a deeply cynical abuse of power as Labour tries to clear the decks of this controversial issue.

“Helen Clark has refused to let her MPs vote the way they really think on this bill. To ram it through under the cover of urgency shows just how out of touch her government has become.

“Now, not content with riding over the top of the wishes of some of her MPs, she wants to ride over the top of the wishes of the majority of New Zealanders – while she’s out of the country.

“The Prime Minister also knows that she has been caught out saying one thing about the smacking ban before the election, and giving a different answer afterwards.

“This is arrogant and cynical government at its very worst. This is not about good law, this is about Labour’s political damage control.” (source)

Key then went on to vote for the law, so by his own definition he was and still is

  • showing utter contempt for New Zealanders and the democratic process
  • supporting a law that he knows is deeply unpopular
  • acting against the wishes of the majority of Kiwis
  • riding over the top of the wishes of the majority of New Zealanders
  • participating in arrogant and cynical government at its very worst
  • guilty of saying different things at different times on one subject, just as he accuses of Labour of doing

Later, after after the anti-smacking law was passed, John Key demonstrated his arrogance, just as Sue Bradford did in her video:

[Question from the public] Seeing as both parties went against over 80 per cent of the population to repeal Section 59 (the provision that allowed parents to smack their children) what will they do when the referendum says to reinstate it – will they follow the wishes of the public or think they know best?
Dorothy Brown, Rangiora

[John Key] The purpose of putting up the compromise position that we did was to ensure that the law would be administered as we thought was appropriate, which is to give parents some leeway for lightly smacking a child. Inconsequentially smacking a child was something that the police would not investigate. So our view is as long as the police continue to administer the law as the compromise intended and we don’t see examples where good parents are criminalised for lightly smacking a child, then we think the law’s working. As I have said if we see examples where good parents are criminalised for lightly smacking a child then we will actively seek to change the law but I am confident that the law is working and will continue to work.

We’ll have respect for what the referendum says, but it wouldn’t make us change our mind because there is no point in changing the law if it is working as intended but what it should do I think is give any future Parliament the confidence to know that they should take the steps to change the law if the law isn’t administered in the way that I think this Parliament intended it to be. (Emphasis added. Taken from my earlier post)

Isn’t it wonderful having the internet, which makes it so easy to find out who which hypocritical, arrogant, totalitarian politicians want to tell people how to raise their children. Key has no real respect for public opinion, but we should still make a stand for freedom:

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  1. Love this… Ya know… no one has been chucked in jail because of Section 59 was repealed and thus John Key thinks the law is working. But I would prefer the right to slap my kids around a bit with a horse whip or two and get away with it. So long as it doesn’t leave any lasting affect.

    Comment by Peter — August 3, 2009 @ 8:55 pm

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