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July 28, 2009

• Ted Nugent on self defence and gun control

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Here’s Ted Nugent of the National Rifle Association speaking on the right to self defence and gun ownership. He’s as subtle as a doberman biting a guy’s delicate bits…

He definitely parachuted in from somewhere. Can you imagine a planet full of people like that?

The Americans think that their gun control laws are bad, and they are (any gun control law is evil), but New Zealand is far, far worse. Here you’re only allowed to own a handgun if you belong to a gun club, and you’re only allowed to carry the gun from its place of storage to the club or a place of repair. There are also very strict rules about gun safes and the like. Of course the criminals have no trouble getting pistols and revolvers, so this law not only tramples on the rights of individuals, it gives the criminals a lethal advantage.

How do governments justify this tyranny? They justify it by saying that they’re maintaining “social order” (see link below). In other words, it’s a case of the state saying “Don’t allow the children to have any sharp objects in case they hurt themselves or someone else”. The government has taken your rights by force:

  • the government has taken away your right to defend your personal rights (your life) with a weapon of your choice
  • the government has taken away your right to defend your property with a weapon of your choice
  • the government has taken away your property rights by not allowing you to spend your money on a weapon of your choice

I’m not a “gun nut”. I simply want the state to stop restricting my right to defend my person and property, and to stop restricting how I spend my money.

What do you think about what Ted Nugent says in the video and the points that I have raised?


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