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July 9, 2009

• Communism from a cop

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Southern District road policing manager, Inspector Andrew Burns, has written an “open letter to parents” which says in part

Ultimately the responsibility for keeping this group [15-19 year old drivers] safe is ours; the community, but more importantly the families and friends of these young people.

That is pure dung of bull, and a variation on “it takes a village to raise a child” (only an idiot lets a village raise their child). He’s just as bad as Paula Bennett, who claimed ownership of all NZ children by saying “She [Tariana Turia] and I share a belief that all children are our children” (see my earlier post on that).

I don’t consider 15-19 year olds to be children (although many act like infants), but children, youth, whatever you call them, are the responsibility of parents and parents alone. Many 15-19 year olds are leading independent lives and are therefore entirely responsible for their own actions.

Claiming that the “responsibility for keeping this group safe” rests with the community is simply a way of allowing the state – who supposedly acts for the community – to control this group.

Update: I am describing this as communism because state control of children is a policy from the Communist Manifesto.

What do you think about this comment by the commie cop?


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