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July 8, 2009

• James Cameron on China

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James Cameron is a BBC correspondent who has just finished a three year stint in China and has put together a collection of some of the stories that have stuck with him. It’s a very interesting perspective on the present situation in China.

The article contains links to various other articles, including a particularly interesting one describing the fate of those who petition the Chinese government for justice. Apart from what most people would expect, “the professor who runs Peking University’s judicial expertise centre suggested that 99% of the people who repeatedly petition the government are mentally ill”. What are your medical qualifications, sir? The Soviets used a similar tactic against dissidents: declare them crazy, lock them up, and pump them full of drugs. Yes, in certain totalitarian societies disagreeing with the government is a clear indicator of insanity.

In the article at the first link above Cameron says

But these are subjects [human rights] that the government prefers not to discuss. The Chinese Communist Party prefers to focus attention on its efforts to raise people’s living standards – it argues that economic progress is a much more accurate measurement of human rights.

A gilded cage is still a cage.

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