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May 28, 2009

• Maori seats are undemocratic

I know that the hikoi a few days ago is old news, but I forgot to write about it at the time so I’m writing about it now.

The Maori were demanding Maori seats on the new Super City council. Why on earth should Maori get special representation? Democracy gives them the opportunity to get Maori representation: e.g., if Maori comprise 20% of the population then, in theory at least, they can influence the composition of 20% of the council. There is every opportunity for candidates to stand on a Maori issues platform.

To give Maori special seats on the council is simply undemocratic and political correctness gone mad, and the same goes for Maori seats in parliament. This is Marxist ideology in action: the Marxists declare one group to be victims of oppression, so they try and right that supposed wrong by force, and in doing so oppress another group (click here for another example). According to Ian Wishart, there are plenty of Marxists among the radical Maori groups and like all Marxists they’re only interested in power and control, so they use the victim ideology while it’s convenient for them to do so.

In this free and enlightened age it’s not permissible to speak the truth but I don’t give a damn.

Post a comment and tell me what you think of special seats for Maori (and read my comments policy before you get abusive).

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