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May 22, 2009

• If you want to be free to parent then put your money where your mouth is

Here’s the latest letter from Family First: Bob has an excellent point about your money being used against you. Isn’t it wonderful to be paying for your oppression. The government continues to ignore the opinion of the 80%+ of Kiwis who want to be free to smack (not “beat”, as the opposition propaganda says) their children and they need to be given a clear message. The state thinks that it owns your children. ❗ DO YOUR BIT IF YOU VALUE FREEDOM ❗

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We need your help!

Anti-Smacking Postal Referendum
July 31 – August 21 2009

In the first three weeks of August, NZ’ers will finally have a chance to have their say on Sue Bradford’s anti-smacking law.

It’s taken two years , the booting out of the previous government (which many commentators – even within the Labour party – attribute to this law), more than 300,000 signatures , and far too many good families who have been investigated, children disrupted and traumatised, and some parents even prosecuted because of the law.

This law treats a smack on the bottom from a loving parent equal to child abuse of the worst kind, and has put good parents raising law-abiding and responsible kids in the same category as rotten abusive parents.

Green MP Sue Bradford admitted

that the law was never intended to solve the problem of child abuse. Only yesterday, the Law Society admitted

that the anti-smacking law has made no difference to NZ’s unacceptable rate of child abuse.

Well, I want the problem of child abuse tackled – and I’m sure you do too .

Now there is the chance to tell the politicians to change the anti-smacking law so that we have laws that acknowledge and value the important role of good parents – but also demand that the real causes of child abuse are targeted.

Family First will be one of the groups speaking up and encouraging NZ’ers to vote NO
“Should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in NZ.”

Even Labour leader Phil Goff says

the answer is NO !

Our plan:
* web-based and media-based
* networking by email
* media interviews
* simply presenting the facts

Our need?
Simple really. We need your financial support .

The ‘opposition’ has no difficulty with funding .
Groups like Barnardos, Plunket, Parents Centre, Families Commission, Children’s Commissioner, and other government-funded organisations are well funded thanks to you – the taxpayer .

And they’ve been busy running seminars and websites

, sending out briefing sheets to MP’s, publishing newsletters, employing staff especially for this issue,  and sending out social workers far and wide pushing their message.

Only last week, we received an email saying:
“I’m a counsellor working for a  parenting community organisation – funded by CYFS etc so the organisation is for the YES vote. I find myself within the network of forwarded emails. Most people take it for granted I’m on the ‘same side’. To keep my job – I am unable to make a huge noise about it ! – however I am entitled to my personal opinion right! The whole anti- smacking was so ill aimed – and I cannot see (and in my line of work I’m better placed than most) how it has made any difference to those that ‘abuse’ their children.”

A social worker from Barnados told us
“I opposed the anti-smacking bill but my view was not taken into account. I was told to follow the organisation’s view – but there was no discussion. There was no gauging of the views of the workers who are working with these families.”

How do they really view kiwi parents?
If you oppose the anti-smacking law as so many NZ’ers do, you’re demonised as ‘violent’, and a parent who supports ‘bashing’ and ‘assaulting’ children. These groups should hang their head in shame for labelling kiwi parents in such a way. Only yesterday in a debate on National Radio, former Children’s Commissioner Ian Hassell referred to opponents to the anti-smacking law as the ‘child-beating lobby LISTEN HERE

(starts at 4’11”) – a disgraceful misrepresentation of the views of a huge majority of parents.


We will not get a single cent from the government in this Referendum – unlike the opposing argument. Every donation – large and small – will enable us to get the facts out there, and to promote the important role of parents, the welfare of children, and the real issues of child abuse.

Thanks for your consideration. Together, we can bring some sanity to this debate and demand that the real causes

of child abuse are confronted.

Kind regards

Bob McCoskrie
National Director

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