Kiwi Polemicist

May 17, 2009

• Auckland gets Super City, govt cleans blood off jackboots

So, the government has rammed a jackboot up the the collective rectum of Aucklanders and passed a law bringing in the so-called Super City, under urgency no less (see my earlier post on that). Shortly before that the law banning gang patches in Wanganui was passed (yep, I covered that as well). Wanganui got a referendum on the spelling of their name, and Auckland got “bend over”.

When Herr Helen Clark was ousted last year I was hoping that we might have some relief from the dictatorial style of government. But National has clearly purchased Clark’s jackboots, and ACT has purchased her spare pair. I am particularly disappointed in ACT, who theoretically stand for freedom and choice.

The New Zealand government has absolute sovereignty and is no way accountable to the citizens. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.


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