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April 9, 2009

• Note to Aucklanders: prepare rectum for implant of jackboot

Exclusive: a photo of the next Mayor of Auckland

Exclusive: the next Mayor of Auckland

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In my earlier post I said that Auckland was going to get a single council – the so-called supercity – and now it’s definite. There’s a few minor tweaks, but it’s essentially the same plan: 1.4 million Aucklanders will have a mayor with wide powers, 20 councillors, and 20-30 toothless, penniless local boards that will be neither use nor ornament.

The government has a propaganda website that gives the details: read it, weep, and flee. That website has a link to a document called The Government’s Decisions on Auckland Governance April 2009 (PDF 0.5MB) which contains disturbing language that reveals the true agenda behind this move:

Our plan will allow Auckland’s civic leaders to:
• think regionally
• plan strategically
• act decisively.

The Auckland region needs decisive leadership, robust infrastructure and facilities and services to cater for its people.
Auckland’s current governance arrangements are weak, fragmented and don’t enable or encourage effective regional decision-making.
The mayor has governance powers which include the power to:
• appoint a deputy mayor and committee chairs
• propose the Auckland Council budget and strategic direction
• establish and maintain an appropriately staffed mayoral office.

Auckland needs strong regional leadership to help it realise its potential and provide a united
voice.  Creating a single Auckland Council with one mayor will enable simpler and stronger
management of council services throughout the region.  It will also simplify the relationship
with central government and ensure Auckland’s voice is heard by central government.

With one council working for the benefit of the whole Auckland region [yeah, right], the mayor will be able to implement Auckland-wide initiatives and policies that ensure New Zealand’s largest city
thrives [yeah, right].

The choice of words is telling: decisions, plan, strong, leadership [dictatorship]. Central government wants to take power away from individual Aucklanders and give it to the Auckland City Council.

Central government doesn’t like the fact that Auckland has “weak” local governance. Weak governance is good, because strong governments control people: think of the USSR and North Korea, then you’ll see what I mean.

To add insult to injury, Aucklanders don’t even get a say in the matter. Wanganuians got a referendum on the spelling of their name, and Aucklanders get “Bend over and firmly grasp your ankles”.

This supercity plan is simply a way to get all the sheep in one pen and make it easier for the oligarchy to implant a jackboot.

What do you think about the government’s language and the “supercity” plan?

soldiers-and-sheep auckland city supercity 1

Auckland 2011




  1. Excellent article!

    Your “2011” photo looks a bit like present day Auckland though… Chap on the right (in shade) is the traffic cop who sometimes camps out near the southeastern highway on-ramp to SH1. Chap on the left (in sunlight) is the traffic cop who sometimes camps out between Newmarket Viaduct and Market road bridge…

    Comment by RRM — April 9, 2009 @ 12:55 pm

    • RRM: thank you. I can see your point about the cops: the “sheepway” is just as crowded as Auckland’s highways, although the traffic is probably moving faster in the sheepway.

      Comment by Kiwi Polemicist — April 9, 2009 @ 1:13 pm

  2. I fully agree with your first comment “…and 20-30 toothless, penniless local boards that will be neither use nor ornament.” So we should just not bother, for once give the council some power.

    Your other comment “…Weak governance is good, because strong governments control people…” is completely true look at the current governance and how great the current weak council is… there’s a fantastic public transport system, great roading, no traffic issues, new tunnels to substitute the bridge, a great stadium under construction on the water front in what is currently a port! Oh wait, that’s right nobody can do this ’cause the current councils are too weak, toothless and penniless and ornamental.

    Comment by Mike Cassidy — April 9, 2009 @ 6:13 pm

    • Mike: you can’t have freedom* and good taxpayer-funded infrastructure. As a classical liberalist I prefer freedom.

      Besides which, your definition of “good” might be someone else’s definition of “bad”: when freedom of choice is taken away from individuals no one gets what they want. In our Socialist/Marxist system our rulers steal our money and give us what they think we need, and to hell with anyone else’s opinion.

      You refer to Auckland’s poor public transport: that is presently managed at a regional level so is hardly a good argument for a single city council.

      For more on public transport see

      *I am not implying that our present situation is one of freedom

      Comment by Kiwi Polemicist — April 9, 2009 @ 9:27 pm

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