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February 5, 2009

Update to “Mother expects police to control her 10 year old son”: more about the car theft

Don’t feed the arrogance of rebellious children who steal cars

In my earlier post I wrote about a pint-sized 10-year-old who stole his mother’s car and went for a 100 km (62 mi) drive. In that post I concentrated on the ways in which parents turn their children into criminals. However, there were at least two aspects of the Stuff article which concerned me at the time:

1) The way in which the reporter quoted the boy without questioning his rather ludicrous statements:

Scott who is about 1.3 metres (4ft 2in) tall and slightly built said controlling the automatic car was not a problem, though reaching the pedals was a bit of a stretch.

“I thought it was going to be easy and it was. The car’s got power steering.”

Going nowhere in particular, Scott made his way north along State Highway 3, ahead of him sheer drops, tricky turns, one-lane tunnels and unforgiving windy roads.

“I love the corners. I liked turning the car into them.”

He said he drove at the speed limit and overtook other motorists. “There were no oncoming cars, though.”

4ft 2 in is actually 1.25m, but either way, this is a small kid in large Nissan Cefiro and I found it very hard to believe that it was easy for him to control.

Then there was this sickening piece of sycophancy:

While heading up the twisting slopes of Mt Messenger, with sheer drops over the side, Scott noticed a van following closely, so considerately pulled over at the top to let him pass.

The driver instead stopped behind Scott and walked up to the window. “I told him I don’t talk to strangers, then I just planted my foot and he couldn’t catch me.”

2) The photo was in the same vein:

Scott Rickit the ten year old who stole a car


To their credit, Stuff have now published another view of the situation. Here’s some excerpts:

Taranaki shearer Teherenga Wright will never forget the look of absolute terror on the face of 10-year-old Scott Rickit as he drove over Mt Messenger.

Mrs Wright gave her account of Scott’s driving after reading his “gloating” version in the newspaper.

She was in a car that trailed the New Plymouth youngster up Mt Messenger on State Highway 3 during his drive to Awakino.

“He looked scared, like he didn’t know what he had got himself into,” Mrs Wright said. “I couldn’t get that little boy’s face out of my head all day.”
Mrs Wright said she was heading to work about 6.30am, with two other shearers, when they pulled in behind Scott.

“The driver appeared to be drunk, the way he was braking, he was braking way before corners and taking them all on the wrong side of the road.”

Contrary to what Scott had said, Mrs Wright said he did not look like he could control the car and she feared he would kill himself or another motorist. “He could have lost control of that car at any time.”

She said they had tried to pass Scott, using passing lanes, but had to drop back as he was drifting right across the road.

They stopped at the top of Mt Messenger to talk to Scott but he sped off.

“He didn’t even look each way to see if there was any traffic coming.”

Mrs Wright said she felt powerless as they watched him pass another car on the wrong side of the road and on a blind corner while heading down the northern side.
“We were thinking of him but we were also thinking of the carnage he could have caused by the way he was driving.”

Mrs Wright praised Awakino’s Junction Service Station owner Julie Robertson for taking the keys from him.

“She removed a killer from that road, which was that little boy”.

Mrs Wright was horrified to see Scott’s smiling face gloating about what he had done.

“He didn’t look that happy when we saw him.”

That sounds a lot more accurate to me.

What do you think about this boy’s actions and the coverage of them?



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  2. There was a lot of criticism via letters to the editor of the local newspaper (Taranaki Daily News) where this was originally reported. Generally speaking, the letters condemned the way that the story was reported.

    To my knowledge, there was never a response from the editor.

    Comment by tr3v — February 5, 2009 @ 1:16 pm

    • tr3v: it is certainly one of the more abysmal pieces of journalism that I’ve seen. If the editor didn’t respond that is also abysmal and failing to respond to criticism is not good for circulation.

      Comment by kiwipolemicist — February 5, 2009 @ 2:24 pm

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