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January 21, 2009

Barack Obama’s inauguration: a communist and a terrorist is now the world’s most powerful man

On Kiwiblog David Farrar said

There will be plenty of days to disagree with the policies of President Obama, to complain about the media hype. But for me today is not one of them. Today is a day to celebrate a peaceful transition of office in the most powerful country on Earth, and to celebrate Obama’s achievement in becoming the first African-American President.

Apart from the fact that “African-American” is a nonsensical description rooted in pernicious political correctness, this is not a day to celebrate. This is a day to mourn, a day to mourn the fact that a communist and a terrorist is now the worlds most powerful man, the only man capable of projecting significant military force around the globe. That man may also be a closet Muslim. Whilst increased freedom for black Americans is a good thing, that is a trivilality compared to the evil that lies within Obama, and his colour has been used as a means of getting him into power, a point of difference in marketing terms. In my humble opinion the people behind Obama don’t give a stuff about Obama’s colour beyond the fact that it helps them to get their man into power.

So why do I call Obama a communist and a terrorist?

1) In my earlier post I quoted Obama’s Communist/Socialist/Marxist language:

Barack says “Every child in America is our problem, every child in America is our responsibility. That’s not somebody else’s child, that our child”. Back up the Socialist/Marxist bus Barack, children belong to their parents and no one else: you’re trying to justify State interference in the raising of children. This is your variation on “It takes a village to raise a child”.

2) Trevor Loudon says

It is indisputable that US president-elect Barack Obama, has been groomed and supported by radical Marxists almost his entire life.

It is now well known that three Marxist organisations-Communist Party USA (CPUSA), Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (CCDS)and Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) have supported Obama’s political career.

It is also common knowledge that Obama has enjoyed close ties to several former members of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and its terrorist splinter, Weather Underground Organisation (WUO).

What is less well known is that all these strands are linked to one entity, an organisation with documented ties to hostile foreign intelligence services-Washington based “think tank” the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS).

Trevor has done a lot more research than I and he is generally considered to a reliable source of information. Note three points from the above:

  1. Loudon believes that Obama has been groomed – taught – by radical Marxists [Socialists/Communists]
  2. Obama has close ties to communist and terrorist groups
  3. those groups have links to hostile foreign powers

3) Terrorists are active supporters of Obama. Birds of a feather flock together, and it is human nature to associate with those people who have a similar world view as ourselves. It is reasonable to conclude that, since Obama is close to such people, he shares their ideology. Furthermore, Marxist ideology advocates revolution – a form of terrorism – so their ideologies are in harmony. Democratic Socialism has covered the iron fist of the Marxist armed revolution with a velvet glove, but that iron fist is no less lethal.

Also, if Obama was anti-terrorism he would not associate with terrorists for fear of harming his political career. Politicians always grovel up to those who share their ideology and will vote for them, whilst shunning those who are repulsive to their electoral base.


I am aware that these are not the strongest arguments I have ever made and I cannot conclusively prove that Obama is a communist and a terrorist. However, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck (#1 above), walks like a duck, and flies with the ducks (#2 & 3 above), then it probably is a duck.

Think of Obama as Helen Clark with more guns and more money then you’ll have the right picture.

What are your thoughts regarding Barack Obama and his ideology?


Click here for a biblical perspective on Obama.

See also this post about Obama:

The Communists have won the Cold War




  1. […] Obama’s inauguration: the communists have won the cold war In my previous post I spoke about Barack Obama being a communist and a […]

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  2. At this stage, I am glad a black man is P O T U S.

    I am glad he was inaugarated amongstt ears and joy.

    I am glad America is being revived by a fresh spirit and a new hope. A hope that is very real across the spectrum of the entire US.

    But I am also as sceptical of you who Obama really is. Bush didn’t just bend the constitution , he broke it against his oath of office. Obama could well do the same and on a grander scale. But I did like that he said America needs to choose its ideals over its security. Exactly the opposite of the extreme right of the G O P.

    If there is a change of philosophy in a grand way, it will be because there is another atack on American soil. The US under the patriot act will become a police state over night. Either in Obama’s second term or the next president after him.

    If a police state is being sought after you can believe another terroist action in the US will happen on Obama’s watch. The traitor influence in the White House won’t want to drag the chain too long.

    Comment by riki — January 21, 2009 @ 8:30 pm

  3. America should be very wary of this man. The fact that he did not blink or flinch about the extravagance and excessiveness of his inauguration and accompanying events while many Americans have lost and are still losing their homes, their jobs and are hungry and not receiving proper medical care is a a red flag and warning to the masses, but his members of his cult choose not to see it.

    Prior to winning the election, he spewed his rhetoric and Marxist values to the world. Yet again, many failed to listen. So desperately holding on to two words, i.e., “hope” and “change”, neither of which under an Obama administration will benefit America and its people.

    The Cult of Obama was in full force yesterday. Obama showed himself in all his arrogance and glory. This time, however, he wasted little effort on the world. Yesterday was about one man, Barack Hussein Obama.

    Let that in itself be a warning to us all.

    Comment by bydesign001 — January 22, 2009 @ 5:19 am

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