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December 30, 2008

The state can steal parts of your body: here’s how to make a protest

Robyn Stent, former Health and Disability Commissioner has an article in the NZ Herald where she describes how the former Labour government changed the rules and allowed the state to steal parts of your body.

Before I look at the rule change I’d like to address one egregious error made by Stent: she says that embryos are body parts. How can a baby in utero be a part of the woman’s body when it has different DNA? This is part of the pro-abortion lie, i.e. that a baby is just bodily tissue that can be disposed of at will.

Now to the rule change. The Code of Health and Disability Consumer Rights originally said:

Every consumer has the right to make a decision about the return or disposal of any body parts or bodily substances removed or obtained in the course of a health-care procedure.

Then by fiat the Labour government changed it to:

No body part or bodily substance removed or obtained in the course of a health-care procedure may be stored, preserved or used otherwise than (a) with the informed consent of the consumer; or (b) for the purpose of research that has received the approval of an ethics committee; or (c) for the purpose of a professionally recognised quality assurance programme or an external audit or evaluation of services that is undertaken to assure or improve the quality of services.

The first version is fine, although there should be no need to spell out my right to control what happens to bits of my body that have been removed. The second version basically says that that you have control of those body parts unless the state wants them for its own purposes. This is an evil violation of personal and property rights, just as bad as the fact that the state is holding 2.1 million blood samples taken from citizens. Just as with the blood samples, the state is able to form a DNA database from body parts if it so desires.

The state is totalitarian and utterly arrogant when it gives itself the power to take parts of your body against your will. This makes us like animals living on the state farm.

Here’s what you can do about it:

  1. make a submission to the Health & Disability Commissioner who is currently reviewing the code. Click here to do this.
  2. email Tony Ryall, the Minister of Health:

What do you think about the state giving itself the power to take parts of your body against your will?

Feel free to share your protest messages here after you’ve sent them.


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