Kiwi Polemicist

December 23, 2008

Military police on the highways of America (Part 3)

In theory the US government is a servant to the people and is controlled by the people via the constitution. In reality the judges of the US Supreme Court, who are political appointees, twist the constitution to give it whatever meaning suits them: this is an illegal way of attempting to amend the Constitution. Also, history will show that the US government violates the constitution with impunity. The servant is trying to rule the master.

I believe that the US government is in breach of its “terms of employment” and that the people of the United States have a moral justification for overthrowing the government, by force if necessary. The Second Amendment – the right to bear arms – was put in place so that the government could not oppress the people.

Naturally the government doesn’t want to be overthrown so they strengthen their grip on power, whilst also weakening the population via gun-control laws. If you put a frog into boiling water it’ll jump out, but if you put it into cold water and add heat it won’t realise what is happening. That is why we see the government putting military police at drink-driving checkpoints and creating a 20,000-strong military force for domestic security :it’s the government’s way of gradually increasing their control of the country in a way that will not alarm many people.

Also, what would happen if people did exercise their right to overthrow the government? Would those 20,000 troops sit back and cheer whilst the rebellious servant was evicted? Of course they would, and I made a return trip to Mars yesterday.

Beware of a servant that is going to the gym and pumping weights. When the servant is stronger than the master the master cannot evict the servant as is his right.

What do you think about the US government increasing the domestic military prescence?


See also Part 1 and Part 2.


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