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December 22, 2008

There’s still a few nice people around

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This is from Sideswipe:

Following the roadside sign a father put up to warn his daughter not to drink too much, a mother writes about drunk daughters and kind taxi drivers: “My 20-year-old daughter attended a staff Christmas party at Toto in the city. I dropped her off and said twice – “don’t drink too much” – for which I was given the dagger glance. At 1.15am I was woken by banging on the front door. I opened the bedroom window to look out, saw a taxi in the middle of the road with lights on and driver standing by the car. I rushed down to find my daughter comatose, dead drunk on the front doormat, unable to move or talk. I am so amazed and grateful that Junior, the lovely cab driver, had picked her up lying in Victoria St, had deciphered that she’d come from Mt Eden, had driven to the area and made her direct him, somehow, to our house. He had carried her up the steep path and left her at the door. He was patiently waiting on the road for me to come and pay him. As he said, if someone else had picked her up, a rape or murder could have been the end result. So a big, big thank you to Junior from Sunshine Taxis for taking the time to be a Good Samaritan.”

What the mother doesn’t mention is that someone that drunk can die by choking on their own vomit. If you find someone in this state, put them them in the recovery position and call an ambulance. Don’t leave them alone.


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