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December 21, 2008

It’s not often that I agree with a Commie, but here’s an exception to the rule

Matt McCarten has given his opinion about the the police using Rob Gilchrist to spy on unions and I agree with what he says, especially this:

big-brother-is-watching-you-218x320The actions of this spy unit go to the heart of our democracy. Frankly, their actions are worse than the so-called danger they claim to want to protect us from. What could be more of a threat to our society than a secret police force paying undercover “Walter Mitty-type” informants to infiltrate and secretly report on civil and political groups? Isn’t that what totalitarian governments do?

However, I do beg to differ with this:

These groups which were being spied on are incorporated societies carrying out legitimate work on behalf of their members and supporters. They are democratic and transparent. No one has ever accused them of criminal behaviour, let alone terrorism.

Democratic and transparent” is questionable (particularly when they lied about the purpose of a “survey”) , as is “legitimate work on behalf of their members and supporters“. I question the latter because the unions are clearly political organisations for whom the workers are a secondary consideration*. As for the criminal behaviour part, well, the unions break the law every time they form a picket line and stop people going about their lawful business.

Please note for the record: I don’t automatically disagree with everything that the Left says 🙂 .

What do you think about McCarten’s comments?


* more information on their political activities can be found here and here.


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