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December 13, 2008

Equal Employment Opportunities: nonsense on stilts

I have obtained a copy of an Equal Employment Opportunities form (pictured below) used by a company employing almost 1,000 people. This form is given to people applying for jobs and has been sent out to existing employees.

The stated purpose for gathering this information is to “monitor our EEO records as a measure of our commitment to equal employment opportunities” and the form asks for four pieces of data:

  1. Gender
  2. Ethnicity
  3. Disability: “Do you live with the effects of an injury, a long standing illness of disability?”
  4. Age

Quite apart from the significant privacy issues, this is paper shuffling at its worst, because the data they gather will be useless and meaningless: allow me to illustrate.

Let’s say that the company crunches the data and finds that they don’t employ any paraplegic Mongolians who play the nose flute. Are they to blame for this vile discrimination? No they are not, because they do not control who applies for a job; if no paraplegic Mongolian nose-flute player has applied for a job then that is because all the paraplegic Mongolian nose-flute players have exercised their free choice and applied for jobs elsewhere.

What happens if the company decides to correct this vile discrimination and advertises for paraplegic Mongolian nose-flute players? Well, then they’re discriminating against anyone who isn’t a paraplegic Mongolian nose-flute player and breaking the law. Thus, even if they identify a “problem” they can’t fix it. Basically they’re gathering data to identify imaginary problems that they can’t fix.

It’s not a perfect analogy, but this is much like those online polls that news outlets and other websites run: when you have a self-selecting sample the data is meaningless. The self-selecting sample in this case is the employees.

Anyway, what’s wrong with “discrimination”? Imagine that you own a roofing company: are you discriminating if you refuse to hire a person in a wheelchair who applies for a job as a roofer? No, you’re exercising free choice and common sense.

As I said in my earlier post:

Socialism/Marxism creates two groups in society: the victims, who are “oppressed”, and the “oppressors”. The Socialists then set about righting these (usually imaginary) wrongs by oppressing the “oppressors”, thereby doing just what they accused the “oppressors” of doing.

Laws prohibiting sexual and racial discrimination, as well as other types of discrimination, are nonsensical because everyone discriminates. No one objects if a black American man is a looking for a black wife, but he is discriminating against white women*. He wants a female partner, so he is discriminating against men. He wants a good looking wife, so he is discriminating against people who aren’t good looking. He wants a young woman, so he is discriminating against older people. He wants a wife who can bear children, so he is discriminating against infertile women: the list goes on and on.

Homosexual men discriminate against women by wanting only male sexual partners. Lesbians discriminate against men by only wanting female sexual partners. All heterosexuals discriminate against half of the population, the half that shares their gender.

Section 21 of the Human Rights Act forbids discrimination against sexual orientation, and if this is taken to its logical conclusion homosexuality and heterosexuality are illegal; only bisexual people are in compliance with the law, so bisexuality should be made compulsory. Either that or we can get rid of ridiculous laws which deny the reality of the fact that everyone discriminates.

If you take away the politically correct terminology, “discrimination” is in fact “choice”. There is a Marxist agenda behind political correctness, and the perpetuators of that agenda are using anti-discrimination laws to take away our choices and impose their beliefs upon us. Will you accept it when you are treated like a dumb sheep or will you leave the flock and join the free?

What do you think about the concept of Equal Employment Opportunities?


* calling a black American an “Afro-American” is absurd: if a white person from South Africa goes to America no ones calls him an Afro-American. Africa is a continent, not a skin colour

♦ For an excellent example of reverse discrimination, go to and click on People: you’ll see a list of just about every type of American, except white, middle class, urban Americans. Mr Barack “All-inclusive” Obama is discriminating against them


Click on the form for a full-size view.



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  1. You know,I have to agree. I think you explained it better than I have tried to,in the past to various people. They still don’t seem to get it!

    I guess when one is told a ‘fact’ by an authority figure it means more.

    [KP: thank you. There’s none so deaf as those that don’t want to listen]

    Comment by mike.e — December 27, 2008 @ 5:43 pm

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