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December 12, 2008

A reader’s letter to John Key

Devoted reader MikeNZ (am I delusional?) read the following in an earlier post of mine:

Why do I refer to the government as a slave master? Because there is a body of opinion amongst constitutional lawyers which says that the government stole sovereignty (ultimate authority) from the citizens and rendered itself illegitimate when it passed the Constitution Act 1986.

He responded by writing a letter to the Prime Minister, John Key:

Dear Mr Key
I am not a lawyer let alone a constitutional lawyer but the statement below about the Constitution Act 1986 does worry me in that if it is a true or correct statement then it seems to me you are the one best placed to amend or rescind the offending Act.

Please note I am not writing about the statement about taxes, I share your view that they are necessary but Government should take as little as needed but I didn’t want to cut up the whole post.
Also Like many in the National party I found the EFA offensive and totally wrong both in intention and operation and look forward to the National Party Government redeeming parliament and giving us back complete freedom of expression (without being rude, offensive or lying) ot the people of NZ.

However the statement concerning the Constitution Act refers to a body of opinion amongst constitutional lawyers, who unlike myself are learned in this particular area.
As Prime Minister you may well be aware of this issue already and I would appreciate one of your staff reviewing this and wish to give my support to all laws that do not breach the NZBora [New Zealand Bill of Rights Act].

I am putting this here so that it is a matter of public record that this was sent to John Key on or about 10 December 2008.

I suspect that Key will do what Helen Clark did, which is ignore a letter requesting an interview to discuss this matter.

Can you imagine Key putting his hands up and saying “Yes, I am leading an illegal government. We have no authority to legislate, tax, or enforce laws. In fact all laws and regulations passed since 1 January 1986 are null and void, and we must refund all taxes paid since that date. That’s unless the correct date is 1947 or 1920“.

Lo! I see a squadron of pigs flying past.

What do you think about the NZ government’s legitimacy?


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