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December 5, 2008

Eight year old kills himself with Micro Uzi submachine gun

The BBC is reporting that an eight year old boy accidentally shot and killed himself with a Micro Uzi  in Massachusetts. He was at a gun fair trying out the weapon while his father watched.

The Micro Uzi (pictured below) is a combat weapon designed for killing people at very short distances. If it’s set to fully automatic it will keep firing as long as you squeeze the trigger and won’t stop until it’s run out of ammunition: this is what the gun fair promised. The Micro Uzi fires at a rate of 1700 rounds per minute so everything happens very quickly, and the muzzle will climb upwards while it’s firing so it’s very easy to lose control of it.

A properly trained eight year old is capable of handling something like a .22 rifle, but giving a fully automatic weapon to a child beggars belief.

Would you consider the father to be sufficiently punished or would you prosecute him?




  1. 8-Year-Old Accidentally Exercises Second Amendment Rights
    WESTFIELD, Massachusetts—Gun owners nationwide are applauding the patriotic, though accidental, exercise of Second Amendment rights by 8-year-old Christopher Bizilj this weekend.
    “Christopher is a symbol of American heroism,” said NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre from Bizilj’ bedside at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Mass. where the boy was pronounced dead on arrival from a self-inflicted uzi wound. “While praying for the members of Westfield Sportsman’s Club, we should all thank God that his inalienable right to keep and bear arms has not been infringed.”
    “The framers of the Constitution would be so proud of what my boy did yesterday,” said Bizilj’ father Charles Bizilj. “If 8-year-old boys discharging loaded automatic weapons into their own heads isn’t necessary to the maintenance of a well-regulated militia, I don’t know what is.”
    Police said Christopher Bizilj (Bah-SEAL) of Ashford, Conn., was pronounced dead at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Mass. on Sunday afternoon, shortly after firing a 9mm micro Uzi submachine gun at the Machine Gun Shoot and Firearms Expo at the Westfield Sportsman’s Club, co-sponsored by C.O.P. Firearms & Training.
    The machine gun shoot drew hundreds of people from as far away as Maine and Virginia to the sporting club’s 375-acre compound. An advertisement said it would include machine gun demonstrations and rentals and free handgun lessons.
    Doctors worked for six hours to reconstruct Christopher Bizilj’ skull, which shattered from the impact of the high-velocity teflon-coated slug.
    “The weapon was loaded and ready to fire,” Westfield Police Lt. Hipolito Nunez said. “The 8-year-old victim had the Uzi and as he was firing the weapon, the front end of the weapon went up with the backfire and he ended up receiving a round in his head.”
    “For years, the people who want to take away our freedoms have said that we’re not smart enough or responsible enough to own sub-machine,” Charles added. “Christopher is proof that even a child is capable of using an Uzi for its intended purpose.”
    NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre says that his organization is praising Bizilj’ “commitment to the American way.”
    Gun owners nationwide have flooded Bizilj’ home with flowers, letters of congratulations and invitations for his younger brother to “come shooting.” Area firearms enthusiast and family friend Lloyd Stone showed his support by donating 18 boxes of ammunition to the gun club to celebrate the boy’s inalienable right to bear arms.

    “He may be just a boy, but this use of the Second Amendment was a man-sized undertaking,” Stone said. “Christopher’s family may need counseling for the rest of their lives, but with every tear they shed, they’ll realize what the Constitution really means.”
    Although the family of Bizilj has yet to deliver an official statement on the incident, a neighbor told well wishers who had a prayer vigil outside the family trailer that they were looking forward to the day that every club member would be given a special commemorative urn engraved with a silhouette of little Christopher’s fractures head.
    Although gun-control advocates have criticized the boy’s gun use, the NRA was quick to respond, calling Bizilj’ use of much-protested, teflon-coated “cop-killer” bullets “a victory for America.”
    “Christopher should be held up as an example to people who think we don’t need these bullets—or fully automatic assault weapons, or concealable handguns which are impervious to metal detectors, for that matter,” said NRA spokesman president Wayne LaPierre, who plans to congratulate Bizilj’s father in person as soon as he is through lobbying for Senate repeal of recently passed legislation mandating background checks for gun buyers.
    “If we ban teflon-coated bullets, automatic weapons would be next,” LaPierre said. “Then all handguns. Next thing you know, the law would deny our citizens’ children the personal freedom to blow holes through their own heads.”
    NRA lobbyist Tom Korologos agreed. “Christopher’s heroic accident happened because we live in the greatest country in the world,” he said. “Had he grown up in Japan, England or Russia, he wouldn’t able to do what he did today.”
    “Restrictive laws would have kept him ‘safe’ at home—and they would have justified it by telling us it was for his own good,” Korologos added. “That’s not the type of country I’d want my children to grow up in.”
    “Christopher is a shining example to gun-owning families everywhere,” Bizilj’ mother told reporters. “I am proud that my boy has followed in the footsteps of the many thousands of patriotic children who have already demonstrated their commitment to the U.S. Constitution in this same way.

    Comment by Charlton Heston — December 23, 2008 @ 6:32 am

  2. A sad tragedy – no doubt. Perfect for making political anti-gun hay with. If there were no guns on earth this would not have happened and if there were a button we could push to make that happen….but there isn’t.

    Very ill advised to give this short high cycle rate weapon to an 8 year old – yes. But they call them accidents for a reason. Sad when a parent backs out of the garage and kills their child, sad when a child runs into a street after a ball, terrible when children get tangled in a window blind cord, or drowns in a tub. But nothing like the excitement of an accidental and horrific firearm death.

    Charleston Heston is dead. He was a great american who did and gave far more than most and who’s legacy goes well beyond his ceremonial relationship with the NRA.

    Enjoy the holiday season, teach a child to shoot and to enjoy the outdoors. Get off of the gameboy and get outside.

    [KP: yes, it is much healthier to get outdoors whenever possible]

    Comment by Steve — December 24, 2008 @ 10:16 am

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