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December 3, 2008

Rodney Hide’s yellow jacket

The yellow jacket was a brilliant piece of advertising. Homepaddock has an excellent article showing the double standard in this country: a bathing suit with a Green logo is fine, a jacket with an ACT logo isn’t. Yes the Electoral Finance Act plus a corrupt Labour-appointed Electoral Commission equals Hide being referred to the police for wearing a jacket with a party logo.

If you believe that this country still has justice and truth, read the Homepaddock article, read the Electoral Commission decision she links to, and weep.

Hat tip: Kiwiblog

Update #1 Homepaddock is reporting that the Green swimsuit was fine because it had no slogan with the party logo, but Hide’s jacket wasn’t fine because it had a slogan with the party logo. I still say that this law came out of the southern end of a cow that was facing north. The cow’s name was…

The interesting thing is that one of Hide’s supporters made the complaint about the jacket, so this is clearly a publicity stunt intended to defame the EFA and increase the fame of Hide. Good on them.

This is an excellent illustration of what I said in my earlier post: the EFA does not breach “human rights” (there is no such thing), but it does breach property rights. In this case it prevents Rodney doing what he likes with the jacket that he owns.

Update #2 Madeleine has made a complaint about a labour candidate’s election shirt and it’s been kicked up to the Chief Electoral Office.



  1. Rodney is not the only Epsom candidate under investigation for his campaign attire. The Chief Electoral Office is looking at another Epsom candidate… see MandM for more.

    Comment by Madeleine — December 4, 2008 @ 9:43 am

  2. […] This youth was captured on a security camera as he and his friends vandalised some cars. You’d think that the police would view this nice clear picture as a gift, an easy way to improve their crime resolution statistics. But no, the car yard owner has been told that the job is a low priority, which is police-speak for “Don’t bother us, we’re too busy prosecuting Rodney Hide for putting a slogan on his yellow jacket“. […]

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