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December 2, 2008

Update to: Tapu Misa of the NZ Herald advocates forced sterilisations

In my earlier post I wrote about Tapu Misa advocating forced sterilisations as a means of preventing child abuse, and she specifically mentioned people “of low IQ and low income”. I emailed Misa and invited her to respond to my post but I did not receive the courtesy of a reply.

This week she has produced this nappy gem:

Okay, some of you are starting to worry me. The more excitable among you seem to have got a little carried away with the idea of forcing sterilisation on certain types in society – the poor, the intellectually challenged, the mentally ill, the bad, the ugly and the deeply irritating. Basically, just about anyone who ticks you off. (I’m sorry, but were you perhaps not nurtured as a child?)

Congratulations Tapu, it is quite difficult to stuff that much arrogance, condescension and illogicality into one paragraph.

Last week Misa advocated forced sterilisations for people of low IQ and low income, then this week she says that some people are getting carried away, wanting sterilisation for all sorts of people…including the poor and the intellectually challenged. So it’s fine when Misa advocates the crime of forced sterilisation to prevent the crime of child abuse (with the presumption of guilt that that entails), but if other people advocate forced sterilisation for another purpose they’re getting carried away. Never was there a finer example of moral relativism.

Suggesting that those people who are getting “carried away” weren’t nurtured by their parents is not only illogical (where is the causal link?), it is also condescending in the extreme.

Also, note that Misa has not made any attempt to deny that she is advocating forced sterilisation as a means of preventing child abuse – she just doesn’t like it when people apply the idea to other situations. There is a subtle suggestion that forced sterilisation is fine when it is used for the supposed greater good of society, but not fine when it is used to serve the purposes of individuals. That is entirely consistent with a Socialist/Marxist world view.

I don’t mind reasoned opinion pieces that I disagree with, but this material is contemptible.

What is your opinion regarding forced sterilisation as a means of preventing child abuse?

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The logo of the Second International Congress of Eugenics, 1921.

Surgery appears on the right and law (compulsion) appears in the centre.

Click on the image for a full size view.



Observant readers will have noted that Misa begins the paragraph after the one I have quoted with “Seriously now”. In my humble opinion Misa is dissembling and the first paragraph was not meant in jest at all, even though it does contain elements of jest.


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