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November 28, 2008

Nine year old thug in New Zealand

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Stuff has an article which I will quote in full:

Nine-year-old scaring Christchurch’s old women

A nine-year-old boy has been threatening elderly Christchurch supermarket customers, demanding money and stealing grocery items.

The New World Supermarket in St Martins has warned customers not to give money to the boy begging in the carpark amid reports he has been “causing havoc” around the community.

“He has not just been in the supermarket carpark but also approaching people on the street mainly elderly, frail women, asking them for money. He’s been very intimidating and threatening towards them,” one local, who did not want to be named, said.

He said there had been reports of the boy pushing over two elderly women and taking biscuits from their trolleys.

The boy had been approaching supermarket customers for about three months since being excluded from school.

An 84-year-old woman, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said she had been approached by the boy at least four times in the past month.

“The first time he approached me, it was when I was coming home from the shop in the morning. He came up and said `give me $2′. I told him `no’ and he said, `you have got plenty of money’.”

A week later he approached her again asking for money.

“He had a skateboard and he lifted it up as if he was going to go for me. He got quite bolshy and would not let me past. I got quite panicky.”

The fourth time he accosted the woman he followed her as she walked home from church on a Sunday morning.

“He was on his bike and he called me and I didn’t stop so he followed me and came up my drive. It was horrible. He reached over and tried to get the keys out of my car.”

He fled after she threatened to call for help, but the experience had shaken her and she phoned the police immediately.

“It was quite intimidating. I was quite scared. I was frightened he would come up here (to her house) and want to get in. That’s why I rang the police. I got worried he would bully someone else because he really tried to bully me.”

Senior Constable Andrew Ross, of the Sydenham police Youth Aid unit, said action had been taken in conjunction with Child, Youth and Family (CYF). He would not comment further.

Ross Haggart, Canterbury’s CYF operations manager, said the agency was working with the police and offering support to the family.

Here’s my thoughts on this:

1) at some point this kid has learnt not to respect the personal and property rights of other people, i.e. he considers his own desires to be the most important thing in any situation. This is a form of hedonism or narcissism.

2) why do the police have a “Youth Aid” unit? Because it’s not politically correct to talk about punishment, despite the police being thugs who punish people that do not comply with the will of the state. Calling it a “Youth Aid” unit is putting a velvet glove over an iron fist.

3) a nine year old is capable of knowing right from wrong and this one should be held criminally liable for his actions.

4) the fact that he’s targeting elderly people show’s that he’s not stupid.

5) this kid has been doing this for three months: why hasn’t anything been done sooner? In New Zealand a twelve year old can murder her unborn child without parental foreknowledge, but if there’s a nine year old thug they pussy foot around.

6) the boy should be required to make restitution to the people that he has terrorised.

7) this kid is likely to be a career criminal and it would appear that the parents are derelict in their duty. Therefore I advocate shock treatment for the boy: put him in a police cell for a month with no comforts. Get him to mop floors and clean toilets, with the biggest and ugliest cops ensuring that he does the job properly. Run him ragged so that he’s exhausted and doesn’t have the energy to be resentful: he has to be grateful when he’s allowed to fall onto his thin mattress at night*.

Lo! I see a squadron of pigs flying by. Call a family conference and break out the wet bus tickets.

How would you deal with this child?


* this idea is far from the classical liberal ideal and is only suggested as a way of making use of the present system. I suspect that it is too late to prevent this child turning into a career criminal, but cracking his defences with the sort of treatment that I am suggesting would be a good start. He’s certainly not going to change unless his current situation becomes intolerably uncomfortable.


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