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November 24, 2008

Who is responsible for uneducated children? (Part 2)

In his weekly column Garth George says:

It is all too easy to blame “the system”, or schools, or teachers for the lowly performance of so many kids, but the real fault lies elsewhere – with their parents.

For instance: at a decile 3 school with which I have a minor involvement, whose roll is 93 per cent Maori, at least half of new entrant 5-year-olds have the oral skills of 2-year-olds and no writing skills at all.

Thus the teachers cannot begin at square one; they have to spend huge amounts of time bringing their new charges up to a primary school starting point. [emphasis added]

As I said in Part 1 of this series, George’s view of the education system is based upon two Socialist/Marxist lies:

1) that life should be fair and equal and

2) if there is there is perceived unfairness and inequality then it is the job of the state to rectify the situation by force.

However, the situation that George describes shows that the state can never achieve equality.

As George says, children turn up at school with skills far below what is usual for their age: one primary teacher told me that some new entrants have never been taught to brush their teeth. These deficits are the fault of the parents, but the state has taken it upon itself to fix the situation. This takes a huge amount of teacher time and disadvantages those children who have been taught the basics by their parents. To put it another way, the state is trying to remove one inequity by creating another one.

Experience clearly shows that life isn’t fair, and experience clearly shows that the state can never change that.

Do you know of any other situations where the state education system creates an unfair situation?


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