Kiwi Polemicist

November 24, 2008

The nanny state has set its eyes on skateboarders

According to this article on National Socialist Radio the government is considering making it compulsory for people to wear helmets when riding a skateboard.

Wearing a helmet whilst riding a skateboard is common sense, but it not the job of the state to be legislating common sense. Before long we’ll be seeing the police turn on their lights and sirens to pull over skateboarders, because a nanny state is a police state.

Furthermore, when children are raised in a cotton-wool culture, they expect life to be safe and quit at the first sign of danger. Thus the nanny state breeds a nation of wimps who need the nanny state to look after them and the power of the nanny state is secured for generations.

Children learn the limits of safety by experimentation, and pain is the feedback mechanism, e.g. “If I jump off the bottom step I’m OK, if I jump off the top step I’m limping”. Parents should impose limits upon experimentation when a child is too young to realise the consequences of their actions (e.g. “Don’t play on the road”), but the state has no right to do so and surrounding children with cotton wool is contrary to the design of mankind. It is perilous to ignore the design of mankind.


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