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November 22, 2008

Who is responsible for uneducated children? (Part 1)

In his weekly column Garth George says:

If anything, apart from the economy, needs a fresh look and new inspiration from the incoming Government, it is education.

New Zealand is right up there with the world leaders – Denmark and Korea – when it comes to the performance of our top students. But unlike those two countries, we have a huge disparity between our top achievers and the rest.

Much of the reason for that is Denmark and Korea are largely monocultural, whereas New Zealand has always had two cultures at least, and latterly a whole bunch more.

And the tail-enders in our education system are, unfortunately, made up mainly of Maori and Pasifika children. Sure, there are many Pakeha kids who also miss out, but they are a minority.

So the most important task of the new Government when it comes to education is to maintain the standards at the top end while at the same time improving the lot of the tail.

He then lauds the new Minister of Education and her Associate Minister and says:

It will not be difficult for the new team to ensure that our top students continue to hold their place among the world’s best, for they are children and young adults who have a real desire to learn and who have wholehearted support from their families.

The real challenge will be to find methods and means to lift the performance of the thousands of children who are at the other end of the educational spectrum and who, by and large, have no parental support.

It is there that the nub of the problem lies. It is all too easy to blame “the system”, or schools, or teachers for the lowly performance of so many kids, but the real fault lies elsewhere – with their parents. [emphasis added]

George hits the nail on the head with the blue part: parents are responsible for children who are poorly educated. If you bring a child into this world you are responsible for every aspect of that child’s life until it reaches the age of responsibility or until you pass custody of that child to someone who is willing and able to raise it.

Why then does George assume that it is the job of the state, represented by the Minister & Associate Minister of Education, to fix the problem when a child is poorly educated (see the red parts)? If I built a house then immediately bulldozed it would he expect the state to come in and convert the rubble back into a house? Presumably not, so why then does he expect the state to clean up the mess when parents raise poorly educated children?

George believes this because he has fallen for two Socialist/Marxist lies:

1) that life should be fair and equal¹ and

2) if there is there is perceived unfairness and inequality then it is the job of the state to rectify the situation by force.

In this case the “force” consists of two parts:

a) the legal requirement to educate children and

b) stealing money off people and using it to teach the state religion to children².

(In both cases the state will use lethal force if you provide sufficient resistance to its rules. To put it another way, the state will kill you if you defend your dominion, your children and your money being parts of your dominion.)

Who is responsible for uneducated children? As George says, parents are. This includes responsibility for any failure to educate their children.

What are your thoughts on this?


1) when George says “So the most important task of the new Government when it comes to education is to maintain the standards at the top end while at the same time improving the lot of the tail” he is saying that the “tail-enders” should be raised up and made equal with those at the “top end”. This is the Socialist/Marxist ideal of forced equality.

2) these articles provide further information:

~ The Liberal Left agenda in New Zealand

~ Finding out which politicians are family-friendly (and why the rest aren’t)

~ The Common School Movement and Compulsory Education

~ Education: Free and Compulsory



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