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November 6, 2008

Election 2008: choosing your slave master

New Zealand elections are a farcical process because we get to say who we want our slave master to be, but we do not get to express our opinion about the legitimacy of the governmental system. Nor are we allowed to say whether or not we want a government that has no legal constraints upon it and therefore has absolute power over us – power which is backed with guns and prisons.

No, we are only allowed to say which slave master we think will be the least cruel, so our country is only one step better than a one-party state that holds sham elections. We should be grateful that we have elections at all, because there is nothing that prevents the government from cancelling all elections: whatever “rights” we have in law exist solely because our beneficent masters keep them there as long as they find it convenient to do so¹.

Why do I refer to the government as a slave master? Because there is a body of opinion amongst constitutional lawyers which says that the government stole sovereignty (ultimate authority) from the citizens and rendered itself illegitimate when it passed the Constitution Act 1986².

I also refer to the government as a slave master because most New Zealanders have to work for four or five months each year just to earn enough to pay their taxes, so they are enslaved for those four or five months.

As Leo Tolstoy said:

The essence of all slavery consists in taking the produce of another’s labor by force. It is immaterial whether this force be founded on ownership of the slave or ownership of the money that he must get to live on.

Whichever way you vote you will still be enslaved, so this is not a “free land” as our national anthem says. The state is always your enemy, and as a classical libertarian I am opposed to that enemy and seeking freedom. The first step to freedom is realising that you are a slave.


1. the fact that Helen Clark was able to breach the Bill of Rights with the Electoral Finance Act shows that the government is able to break laws with impunity: to put it another way, laws are only effective whilst the government chooses to make them effective because the government is truly above the law. It also shows that we cannot expect to receive any protection from the Queen or the Governor General, who is chosen from a list supplied by the Prime Minister.

Section 18 of the Bill of Rights codifies the right to vote: if the government can use the Electoral Fiance Act to take away the government-given right to freedom of expression in s14 of the BoR they can also take away our government-given right to vote.

Click here to view a long but very interesting article on the legalities of the EFA.

2. Update: I was remiss in not citing my source: click here, here, and here.



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