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November 3, 2008

My comment on

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Peters is splitting hairs about the difference between travelling in a helicopter and campaigning in a helicopter. I have submitted a comment on this page of Peters’ blog, so let’s see if it makes it through moderation. My comment was as follows:

With all due respect Mr Peters, you are dodging the issue again: the issue is whether or not the use of a helicopter was provided by the Vela brothers to you as a means of paying you for your political support.

I will be posting a copy of this comment on my blog and on Kiwiblog along with a link to this page, so that if you do not publish this comment before 7:30pm on 4-11-08 (24 hours is plenty of time for moderation) people will know that you only allow sycophants to post on your blog and that you do not welcome people comments from people who question your statements.

Update: My comment was not published and later positive comments have been published – now there’s a surprise. Peters is within his rights here because it is his blog, but is is consistent with a pattern of him ignoring critics and vilifying those critics. A good politician (pardon the oxymoron) would publish the comments of his critics and respond to them in a sane and civilised manner. Peters is obviously unable or unwilling to do this.

I find the comments on his blog suspicious: too many of them gush in a similar voice and give the impression that one author is writing under various pseudonyms. In comparison, comments on other blogs normally have a distinctly different voice for nearly every comment. Mind you, when a Party is on the lunatic fringe of politics it has to drum up support in any way it can.


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