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November 3, 2008

John Key on families

National has been delivering a pamphlet entitled “Families”, which features three photos of Key with cute kids and plenty of Socialist/Marxist welfare, health and education policies. One particular statement from Key jumped out at me:

I’m not judgemental about the shape a family may take but I do know that families provide the best foundation for the future of our young people.

Here Key is putting a bob each way, trying to appeal to both social liberals and social conservatives. From this I draw three conclusions:

1) social liberals need not fear voting National, because Key is a social liberal

2) social conservatives should not expect a pro-family stance from Key, however it is reasonable to assume that he will not have the aggressive anti-family stance of Labour and the Greens. Having said that, Key’s stance on the anti-smacking law is of serious concern even for those people who don’t have children. Samuel Dennis believes that the Family Party has a good chance in Mangere, East Coast Bays and Manukau East, so social conservatives in those electorates should consider using their electorate vote to bring a pro-family voice into parliament. Those in Epsom should vote for Rodney Hide.

3) the National Party has shed its principles; these days National is a left wing party and will say whatever it takes to get votes.

The bottom line is that having John Key as Prime Minister would be a lesser evil than having the Witch Witch (a.k.a Helen Clark) in control.



  1. If parents were payed more to provide for their families we would have less crime and better kids. Poverty is what contributes to our children being abused.When are we going to wake up and see it for what it really is!!!!!

    Concerned for the next Generations to come.

    Comment by Kiri — December 3, 2008 @ 8:33 am

  2. Kiri: how do you propose paying parents more?

    With all due respect, poverty does not contribute to child abuse. Rather, the world view that causes poverty often goes along with the world view that causes child abuse. It is easy to confuse coincidence and causality.

    I shan’t be back online until later today.

    Comment by kiwipolemicist — December 3, 2008 @ 8:44 am

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