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October 2, 2008

Reader survey

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I’ve been pondering various aspects of this blog and I’d like to hear what you think. Here’s some questions for you:

  • what do you like about this blog?
  • what don’t you like about this blog? What frustrates you?
  • has this blog been useful to you? Broadly speaking, my main focus has been to explain the agenda behind current events and/or to give a classical libertarian perspective on those situations
  • do the topics I cover interest you? If not, what topics do interest you?
  • what suggestions for improvement do you have?
  • posting frequency: too much, too little, just right? Is a daily post important to you or would something like three times a week be enough?
  • post length: too long, too short, just right? What post length do you like? What do you think about footnotes?
  • what do you think about the design and lay out?
  • what other ideas and feedback do you have?

All intelligent and civilised feedback is welcomed, including constructive criticism. Please give a reason for what you say: “it stinks” doesn’t tell me anything useful. A blog is ultimately an individual thing, but if I can serve you better whilst maintaining that individuality then everyone wins. Having said that, I can’t promise to act on every suggestion.

Nor can I promise to respond to everyone, but I will read all responses. If you prefer you can email me kiwipolemicist(at)orcon(dot)net(dot)nz.

Thank you in anticipation.



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