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September 29, 2008

MP Marian Hobbs makes a sanctimonious attack on the media

Marian Hobbs, a Labour MP, was on National (Socialist) Radio last night displaying the sheer arrogance typical of MPs in the Labour/Green cabal. Marian is retiring this year and I’d like to say “good riddance”, but no doubt another communist of equal malevolence and incompetence is waiting to take her place.

Click here for the MP3, then advance 10 minutes to hear Marian getting all precious.

A few sample quotes:

“If we continue in this unholy partnership between assertion without knowledge and a celebrity-focused media…we will get the politicians we do not deserve”. Marian, here’s a newsflash: we already have the politicians that we do not deserve.

“It is sad that our gallery is full of people whose perspective is so jaundiced; it doesn’t build respect for democracy, but maybe that’s the aim of the media”. Unlike Labour, who have built respect for democracy via the Electoral Finance Act.

“Media authorities…want to become the sole makers-up of the public mind, the sole moulders of perception.” Unlike Labour, who always tell the unvarnished truth and let the public make up their own minds.

Marian sounds like a teenage girl who is affecting a holier-than-thou attitude, except that in this case it’s not an affectation.


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