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September 20, 2008

Finding out which politicians are family-friendly (and why the rest aren’t)

A very interesting table showing how politicians have voted on matters relevant to the family in the past six years can be found here. I don’t agree with all the assessments, but it’s no surprise that Labour and the Greens have come out with the lowest score in terms of being family-friendly: read on to find out why this is.

Labour and the Greens/Watermelons are Marxists (‘Socialist’ is the modern term for a Marxist who gains power via the democratic process) so let’s have a look at two of the reasons for Marxist opposition to traditional family structure:

1) Marx wrote in The German Ideology: “That the abolition of individual economy is inseparable from the abolition of the family is self-evident”. Why is this? Marx believes that the “communal domestic economy” cannot exist while there is a “separate domestic economy”. Note the use of the word abolition: this is coercive Socialism, and too bad if you do like the traditional family structure.

2) this is one which the Marxists don’t publicise, for obvious reasons. The natural order of things is that parents are the strongest influence in a child’s life, which makes it very difficult for the State to control that child, and if a child grows up believing in the heresy of individualism he will sabotage the “communal domestic economy” and resist State control of individuals. By breaking down the family structure and thus weakening the influence of parents upon their children the State is better able to influence the beliefs of that child, which serves the Marxist agenda of power and control.

That is why one of the ten steps for the transition from capitalism to communism listed in the Communist Manifesto is “Free education for all children in public schools”: State schools are a means of teaching the State religion, which is Statism.

That is why in NZ today schools are telling children that their parents can’t smack them, and those children are going home to control their parents. The Marxists are blatantly trying to break down the family structure, which is consistent with their policy of “further inroads upon the old social order”.

If you want to bring up little Marxists send your children to a State school and become a babysitter working for the State. If you don’t want Marxists in your home, your best option is to home school them with one of the few curricula not written by Marxists.

Children are the dominion of parents: parents can maintain control of that dominion, or they can hand control of that dominion over to the State. Running a dominion is hard work, but it sure beats the alternative.


Young minds are fertile ground, and parents decide which seeds will be planted



  1. […] As I said in my earlier post: […]

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  2. this article is incorrect I am school age and have never once been ask by anyone if I have been smacked. God didnt preach a message of hate against homosexuals or people who use abortions. It is the narrow mined ignorance that sometimes make me ashamed of being labbeled a ‘christian’. If you listened to Jesus’s message then you would hear a left wing influence. SHAME ON YOU CONSERVATIVES FOR WANTING INEQUALITY.

    Comment by Random Guy — November 25, 2008 @ 7:21 pm

  3. Random Guy:
    1) you haven’t been asked if you’ve been smacked but that doesn’t mean that other pupils haven’t been asked
    2) I agree that God didn’t preach a message of hate against homosexuals or abortionists: he preached a message of judgment and gave an offer of redemption by which that judgment could be avoided
    3) there is nothing left wing about Jesus’ message, eg the parable of the talents clearly shows reward for personal effort rather than the partaking of the reward that other people have earned by their personal effort (also known as income redistribution or theft by the state)
    4) I’m not a conservative I’m a classical liberal
    5) conservatives (and classical liberalists) do no want inequality, rather they accept that inequality is a fact of life. The left wing tries to impose equality on everyone and in doing so creates new inequalities. See:

    Comment by kiwipolemicist — November 27, 2008 @ 7:37 pm

  4. […] 3) what is the definition of “neglect and dysfunction”? There is no objective standard for this and the state has the guns and prisons, so the state will always decide. Harvey implies that “neglect and dysfunction” is the threshold for state intervention, which is worryingly low however you define it. This is yet another state attempt to take control of children away from parents. […]

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  5. […] This is a tricky situation for a classical liberalist. On one hand I am opposed to taxpayer-funded welfare, and on the other hand I am opposed to state education that indoctrinates children and undermines families. […]

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  7. […] “She and I share a belief that all children are our children”. How dare she claim ownership of New Zealand’s children! The arrogance of this is breathtaking: children belong to parents and parents alone. It’s all part of the Social/Marxist agenda of controlling children and undermining parental authority. […]

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