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September 17, 2008

Union support for the Labour Party

The latest issue of the Service & Food Workers Union magazine (a.k.a. Rabid Red Rag) contains the pages shown below. The union is a registered third party and the authorisation notice gives the name John Ryall, of 6 South St in Petone. If any readers have hard information on him (preferably verifiable) please post a comment.

The million dollar question is this: does Labour have to declare the value of such assistance?

Labour are a bunch of lying hypocrites. They used the activities of the Exclusive Brethren as an excuse for bringing in the Electoral Finance Act, bleating on about big money buying elections (which it doesn’t). Yet nothing in the EFA prevents unions using the money taken from their members to support Labour.

The language used is that of reportage but for all intents and purposes it is an election advertisement. What the workers in the photo don’t realise is that Helen isn’t their friend: rather, she is one of the arty-farty intellectual elite who has no idea what it means to get your hands dirty at work.

(Click on the pictures to see them full size)

Then this is on the facing page:



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