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September 13, 2008

The minimum drinking age

In my earlier post I discussed the illogicalities, harms, and governmental arrogance inherent in the illegalisation of drugs. Today I would like to discuss a related subject: the minimum drinking age.

A statutory minimum drinking age is illogicality writ large: why is a person too young to carry the responsibility of drinking alcohol one day, and suddenly able to cope with that responsibility the next day just because it’s their eighteenth birthday? Eighteen is an arbitrary number decided upon by the State: do they cast a spell in Parliament to ensure that people magically acquire responsibility on the day they turn eighteen? There can’t be anything inherently magical about the number eighteen, because the minimum drinking age has varied over the years according to the whim of the government.

Much as the government would like us to think otherwise, they don’t have any magical powers. The minimum drinking age is just another nanny-state law, i.e. the State is telling people when it is permissible for them to drink. That is pure arrogance: it is the duty of parents to control the drinking of their children, not the duty of the State.


I also apply exactly the same arguments and conclusions to the minimum smoking age



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