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September 13, 2008

Armed police on the streets of New Zealand

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Click here to view photos taken after the murder of a policeman in Mangere two days ago.

What you’ll see is lots of policeman standing around (why do they need so many?). What you will also see is policemen carrying pistols and rifles, presumably because they’re worried about attacks by armed drug dealers.

Hang on a minute, think about it logically. The streets are crawling with police, so where are the criminals going to be? Rats scatter when the farmer opens the barn, and criminals are going to either lie low or head for the hills when they see that many cops. This is probably the safest part of Mangere at the time the photos were taken.

So, are the police expecting the criminals to gather men and weapons, then charge the police en masse, firing wildly as they come? It can’t be that, because the cops have the rifles slung over their backs: if the police were expecting an attack they would have their rifles at the front of their bodies, ready to fire.

I believe that the police are carrying firearms as a way of convincing the public how dangerous these drug dealers are: scare mongering, in other words. It’s also a great way of getting the public used to seeing policemen carrying guns.


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