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September 12, 2008

Election on 8 November

November 8 is excellent – all the citizens will be armed with explosives. This is an opportunity for another Gunpowder Plot, lets make the most of it before the Fun Police make fireworks illegal.

The evidence for the prosecution

* Labour stole $800,000 at the last election, then made it legal

* Labour removed access to the privy council, effectively bringing justice under the control of the PM

* Labour removed knighthoods without public consultation or mandate

* the PM now appoints the Police Commissioner

* Labour stifled free speech with the EFA

* Labour bought in the ETS, which will cost each home thousands per year

* Labour invaded homes and made smacking illegal

* Labour is putting off the referendum on the anti-smacking bill

* The Minister of Arts, Culture & Heritage fraudulently signed a painting

* Labour removed the double jeopardy rule

* Labour ran huge surpluses, then bought in tax cuts just before an election

* Labour says that if the naughty children continue to misbehave they’ll make fireworks illegal (I’ll bet Labour will shut up this Guy Fawkes, just before the election)

* Helen refuses to put a bullet in the head of her lapdog Winston because she needs his paw print on a Money Supply Bill

* all bar one of the misbehaving Labour MPs, including Helen, has been ignored by the police

* this is not a complete list

The evidence for the defence

“My actions are entirely reasonable for a dictator who has the best interests of the country at heart”


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  1. […] “If we continue in this unholy partnership between assertion without knowledge and a celebrity-focused media…we will get the politicians we do not deserve”. Marian, here’s a newsflash: we already have the politicians that we do not deserve. […]

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  2. Folic Acid in bread is a commie plot.

    Why, firstly think about it. 1/2 the population are males, and cannot get pregnant. So suddenly half of all people are forced to eat something they don’t either want nor need. The other 1/2 women are not always pregnant so again the big B.S.

    If the government was really concerned about Spina Bifida then the simple solution is for pregnant women to be given this. Probably via the Doctor in charge of the pregnancy. Simple isn’t it, if you are pregnant, you can have this made available to you at the correct level and the correct dosage. This is how to solve the problem.

    Unfortunately, we are somehow meant to believe that an unwanted food additive being forced upon us, is the solution. Forced.. no choice, yes that is commie thinking.

    When things are forced upon us, we know its not a good idea! And have to question what sort of morons we have in charge. Also what sort of idiot even thinks that pregnant women will eat much bread anyway. Work it out, males eat more bread than women. Boys eat more bread than girls, and sadly all we will have is increased rates of prostate cancer in males.

    Forcing citizens to have anything is communist thinking.. and this smells of anti male communist thinking to me!

    Yes there is a problem, for a very small minority of pregnant women. This is the responsibility of the the local G.P and the p

    Comment by Commie Folic Acid — July 13, 2009 @ 4:52 pm

    • Commie Folic Acid: I am broadly in agreement with what you say, except when you say that it’s the “responsibility” of the GP (family doctor). It is the sole responsibility of the woman and the father of the baby, although the doctor does have a duty of care which involves pointing out the need for folic acid (my understanding is that woman needs to take it when she’s trying to get pregnant).

      If you say that something is the “responsibility” of the doctor it’s no different to saying that the nanny state is “responsible” for ensuring that women take folic acid. The baby (for whom the folic acid is taken) is the sole responsibility of the parents.

      Comment by Kiwi Polemicist — July 13, 2009 @ 7:15 pm

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