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September 9, 2008

Why do I refer to homosexuals as “perverts”?

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It is not politically correct to refer to homosexuals as perverts, but political correctness is a Marxist method of societal transformation so I’m not concerned about the opinions of the PC crowd.

I call homosexuals perverts because it is an accurate description of what they do: to pervert is to “use wrongly or badly”, according to my dictionary. Allow me to explain.

Humans are designed as sexual beings, and the design is clear: tab A fits into slot B. This design is also indicated by that fact that A+B results in the perpetuation of the human race.

Combining tab A with tab A or slot B with slot B is like trying to put together two puzzle pieces that aren’t supposed to go join: you’re going against the will of the designer and it just doesn’t work unless you damage the pieces and thereby corrupt the design.

To put it another way, cars are clearly designed to go from C to D by travelling forwards. No one in their right mind tries to go from C to D in a car traveling backwards, because it’s dangerous, the car isn’t designed for it, and you get medical problems like a sore neck.

I call homosexuals perverts because they use the human body “wrongly or badly”. Variations on the design are possible, but like forcing two pieces of a puzzle together it causes damage.



  1. […] of the capitalist pigs. As Chris Carter (Minister of Education, former school principal and homosexual pervert) said when they removed school leaving exemptions for […]

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  2. Right on!!!!!!!!!

    Another example is science. Try cliping the prongs off of an electrical appliance like say a vacuum cleaner and see how much power you get for cleaning your carpet. Just common electricity has more common sense than those Sick, twisted perverts. Anyone with any kind of a brain knows that you need a Male and a Female to run any kind of eletrical Equipment. And this is just one example.

    Comment by Larry Dailey — May 10, 2009 @ 1:05 pm

  3. The “issue”, is easy to understand,..The idea, of one “male” {?}, putting his “penise” into the , into the “rectum”, of another “male” {?}, is so utterly DISGUSTING to any “healthy minded” person, that nothing more need be said,…

    Comment by Nordicelt — May 26, 2009 @ 12:02 pm

  4. agreed, its all just to gay these days, with men running around looking like women , with mincey backsides,plucked eyebrows, orange tangoed, calling each other hun or babes, adopting children, civil partnership. it is all pathetic, gayness is purely about ejaculating semen up another mans bum, there is no love or feeling in that world of beards,fatiies , moustaches. they are sickos

    Comment by lee — July 2, 2009 @ 6:45 pm

    • lee: I suspect that some homosexuals do find a perverted form of love in their relationships, i.e. a replacement for what would normally be found in a heterosexual relationship.

      Comment by Kiwi Polemicist — July 4, 2009 @ 11:27 am

  5. Most homosexuals are murderers which science has proven via to so much of jail being gay. Therefore we should not be scared to execute homosexuals to save lives. Also they do more than just kill other adults. They kill the children that they would have in normal relationships.

    Comment by Semplar — January 1, 2010 @ 3:16 am

    • Semplar: with all due respect, saying that homosexuals “kill the children that they would have in normal relationships” is completely illogical. You cannot kill something unless it is first created.

      As for “Most homosexuals are murderers”, please provide independent scientific evidence.

      Comment by Kiwi Polemicist — January 4, 2010 @ 6:46 am

  6. I agree. all homosexuals are both perverts and self-hating they want to be something they can never truly be.

    Comment by Yuiru — January 22, 2010 @ 4:36 pm

  7. You are all being disgusting. I don’t understand how you can allow yourself the authority to speak so disrepectfully of other human beings, grossly generalizing a few cases into a distorted reality and using sentences like “gayness is purely about ejaculating semen up another mans bum”. You embarass me, and your blind, unnecessary hatred hurts me deeply. I hope someday you are all able to look around and learn something about the real world, about a form of love that is different but also deeply beautiful, and stop disrespecting fellow human beings who have in no way hurt you. Also, please stop comparing human beings to electrical appliances, they are in no way comparable: a human being’s sole purpose in life is not to reproduce, if not we would all have hundreds of children.

    Comment by Josephine — April 19, 2010 @ 12:08 pm

  8. I think you erased my comment, but I hope I’m wrong. Because if I’m not, than you’re even bigger cowards than I thought, because if you were unable to handle my comment it’s obviously because you know deep down that I’m right, and that you are all being disgusting.

    Comment by Josephine — April 27, 2010 @ 4:25 am

    • OK, I was wrong about you erasing my comment, and I’m very glad I was. I hope you consider what I said.

      Comment by Josephine — April 27, 2010 @ 4:28 am

  9. Il est inconcevable de penser et de nous laisser croire (nous imposer la croyance) que les homosexuels soient des gens normaux. À ce rythme, et je le crains, les gouvernements doivent être à la veille de nous concocter une loi anti-pédophiles!

    Qui rêve d’avoir un enfant “homosexuel”? C’est un NON SENS.

    Il est devenu dangereux de donner un opinion contre l’homosexualité. C’est aberrant! Comment militer contre tous ces pervers? Il est difficile ou quasi impossible de trouver des regroupements anti-homosexuels qui peuvent être représentés publiquement, ouvertement, et ce, sans être accusés d’être homophobes et de poursuites par les tribunaux.

    Il y a quelques pédophiles chez les hétéros, j’en conviens, c’est une absurdité humaine. Cependant, il y a une quantité industrielle de pédophiles chez les homosexuels: c’est un fléau dans leur nature avec des conséquences pernicieuses: les pédophiles se targuent aussi d’appeler leur “perversion” comme étant de l’amour! Vers quelles insolites absurdités devrons-nous encore abdiquer sans être poursuivis pour défendre nos enfants de toutes ces perversions?

    Enfin, comment peut-on permettre aux homosexuels (mâles ou femelles) d’adopter des enfants? C’est tout simplement une abomination!

    Je crois que la société se laisse tout simplement endormir à ne plus réagir: c’est plus facile de ne pas émettre d’opinions dérangeantes! Le monde dérape et s’encrasse à accepter des aberrations de toutes sortes.

    [Google translation:

    It is inconceivable to think and let us believe (we impose the belief) that homosexuals are normal people. At this rate, I fear, governments must be about to cook up an anti-pedophile!

    Who dreams of having a child “gay”? This is a NON SENSE.

    It became dangerous to give an opinion against homosexuality. It’s appalling! How to argue against all these perverts? It is difficult or almost impossible to find anti-homosexual groups that can be represented publicly, openly, and without being accused of being homophobic and prosecuted by the courts.

    There are some pedophiles among heterosexuals, I agree, is a human absurdity. However, there is an industrial scale in homosexual pedophiles: it is a plague in nature with pernicious consequences: pedophiles also pride themselves call their “perversion” as the love! Into what strange nonsense must we abdicate without being prosecuted for defending our children from all these perversions?

    Finally, how can we allow homosexuals (male or female) to adopt children? It is simply an abomination!

    I believe that the company will simply give no longer reacting to sleep: it is easier not to deliver opinions disturbing! The world skidded and clogs to accept all kinds of aberrations.]

    Comment by Lise — May 25, 2010 @ 1:08 am

  10. are you people serious?? This is 2010. There are thousands and thousands of good and decent gays men and women out there who work hard and contribute to society in all the same ways any positive heterosexual does. I could understand someone believing these absurd things being said in this forum if this was 1950. But as time has moved on and we are in a day and age when gays dont have to be as fearful to just simply be who they are- who they were born as- and society has been able to see that gays are no different than ‘normal’ straights- the fact that anyone could still think they way some of you do is absurd. I can see that some of these inane opinions are based off ‘flamboyant’ gays, but, that would be the same as someone basing their entire belief about the caucasian race on hillbillys. Sure there are ‘sissies’ but they are in no way the entire make up of gays. Anyway i hope some of you will read this and really think about it. And for all of you who dont want to change your opinion no matter what- just remeber that what comes around goes around. Being gay is not a choice. Sure a man or woman could ‘try it out’ and experment but being gay or straight is a state of being. Not who you have or havent slept with. Being a gay man myself i could go out and sleep with a woman out of curiosity BUT that would not make me straight. My emotions and attraction to men doesnt change because of an encounter with a woman. Think about i. Anyway i am stepping down from the soapbox now but people please think about these things. In this day and age its absurd to say that gays are all perverted sickos just because u grew up believing that. Its shown everyday that its just not so. God bless to everyone.

    Comment by john — August 6, 2010 @ 9:33 pm

  11. wow. I try to write a message of my opinion and it gets erased by the moderator. I guess i just made too much sense. Moderator come on- i stated my opinion in a far more respectful way than u or your other bloggers did but i guess youre just too threatened to let my opinion stay up. As i said i grew up believing in santa claus but as i grew up and could see reality for what it is i 2ould figure out i had been wrong. But why did i believe it? Because i was taught it. People listen to yourselves and reavaluate the way you think. And if this is removed ill see that some people are just hopeless children.

    Comment by john — August 6, 2010 @ 9:59 pm

    • Your message was not erased by the moderator, it was sitting in the moderation queue. This is an anti-spam measure.

      Comment by Kiwi Polemicist — August 19, 2010 @ 8:17 am

  12. People who become faggots disgust me. They have failed at life. They are very, very, perverted. It happens with a bad upbringing.

    I would never hire a faggot, send my kid to a school where the teacher was a faggot, let my kid watch faggot tv shows, I’d even go as far to say that the faggot problem is another reason to move out of the western world and find a nice safe place to bring up your kids where they can be away from organized western faggotry. They recruit.

    Comment by 39dj — August 16, 2010 @ 1:29 am

  13. I totally agree to the opinion of the California Governor and Judge that every human being has the right to choose the way he/she wants to live which is a God given freedom; a woman to live like a man and a man to live like a woman. At this point they should not be called perverts. Gays can and do contribute to society just like any human being. As matter of fact some of them are even more successful and live more upright lives than the heterosexuals. However, it is an entirely different ballgame when they start living under the same roof as man and wife; Here, perversion takes place and naturally those who practice perversion are called perverts. From my religion’s point of view, it is a choice they made and they have that right just like Satan who was created by God but has chosen eternal separation as his lot in life. Now it gets more serious and more abominable when gays start adopting children. Nobody gave them the right to scandalize and pervert the minds of these little ones. We should all act and protect the rights of the children to grow up in a normal family with a father and a mother as intended by the Creator.

    Comment by jgeneroso3 — August 23, 2010 @ 1:04 pm

  14. I would have no objection to the idea of gay marrage, EXCEPT, for the fact that it will lead to gay adoption. Now the, mindlessly “politically correct” types tell us that “gays” can be “loving” parents,..I dispute that premise, because, “IF”, they truly loved any child, then they would NOT want to subject the child, in question, to the dubious blessings that a gay upbringing, would inflict on the child, but rather, they would want what is “best for the child, & what is “best” for any child, is a family, consisting of a male & a female parent, who, live out “normal, & natural sexual roles”, And what the child does NOT need is to be exploited by being offered up on the alter of “political correctness”, to promote this new mindlessly politically correct, unisex agenda,..

    Comment by Nordicelt — August 24, 2010 @ 12:47 pm

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