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September 8, 2008

New Zealand has changed a lot in 20 years, thanks to the liberal left agenda

The NZ Herald has published an article about homosexual students having to sign a declaration before they can take a homosexual partner to the school ball.

It’s been a little over twenty years since I left school; I cannot recall any openly homosexual pupils at school, nor any effete males. A person like that would have been treated like a freak in the days when kids when into the bushes to smoke, rather then smoking on the street in school uniform as they do now. Now pupils take their homosexual partners to school balls, and the only complaint is that they have to sign a form to do so: sexual perversion in schools is now normal. So what’s changed?

The short answer is that the liberal left has bought open perversion into our society. The long answer follows.

In an earlier post I briefly described the motives of the liberal left; their programme of societal transformation began after World War One. One of the authors of the liberal left agenda was Herbert Marcuse, who favoured polymorphous perversism (rough translation: perversion in many forms) as a way of breaking down Western culture and values. The Labour/Green cabal are clearly disciples of Marcuse. When you hears words like “tolerance” and “gay rights” what it really means is “we want polymorphous perversion, and too bad if anyone doesn’t like it”.

This leads directly to the legalisation of homosexuality in 1986 by the then Labour government. I don’t think that many people suddenly became homosexuals because it was legal, but making it legal made it a lot easier for homosexuals to spread their poison. Now school children go to assemblies to hear homosexuals giving detailed instructions on how to be a pervert, complete with free samples of the equipment, and we’ve had Hero Parades where homosexuals display their bacchanalian proclivities to the world, whilst misusing the word “hero”.

As a classical libertarian I do not believe that it is the job of the State to be legislating morality. However, as a classical libertarian I also believe that it is not the job of the State to be providing schools, which are a means for the State to teach its values to children. Remember that many of the staff and MPs in the pro-homosexual Labour Party formerly worked in the State school system, like the openly homosexual MP Chris Carter who was a school principal before becoming a MP*. Why do so many of the liberal left work in schools? Because it is an excellent way of controlling and corrupting future generations: those parents who choose to send their children to a State school are essentially handing their children over to a bunch of sick perverts.

Returning to the NZ Herald article, they quote a whining comment on a homosexual blog: “Why don’t the straight students have to sign something to confirm their heterosexuality? ” Because heterosexuality is normal and homosexuality is abnormal, despite the ongoing attempts of the liberal left.


* this is another example of Labour condoning criminal behaviour, because Carter was a homosexual and a school teacher when homosexuality was illegal. It is convenient for him that the Homosexual Law Reform Act gave immunity from prosecution for past homosexual acts in most circumstances; Labour clearly likes retrospective laws that make the illegal and immoral legal.



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