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September 1, 2008

More incompetence from Margaret Wilson, Speaker of the House

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In this post I mentioned the skill and bias of Margaret Wilson, which was widely criticised. Here’s another example from Hansard:

Rodney Hide: Does the Prime Minister agree that billionaire Mr Owen Glenn’s generosity is greatly assisted because he lives in a tax haven, and is it not a tad ironic that Labour and New Zealand First’s one fat-cat mate has poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into political parties that punish hard-working Kiwis with punitive tax rates, which Mr Glenn does not have to pay, and on top of that he gets a gong for his trouble, while hard-working Kiwis get nothing?

Hon Dr MICHAEL CULLEN: Monaco is a very small principality, which exists largely as a casino on the borders of France. If the gentleman opposite thinks a country of 4.2 million in the South-west Pacific can exist as a casino on the borders of France, he is totally away with the fairies.

Rodney Hide: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. I struggle to see how that answer began to address the question.

Madam SPEAKER: Well, having considered the question, I would judge that, yes, it did actually address it.

If Cullen thinks Hide is away with the fairies, what does that make Wilson?


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