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August 31, 2008

• The motives of the liberal left

Samuel Dennis has posted an interesting comment on one of my posts:

The left choose to be liberal where it suits them (e.g. cannabis) and authoritarian where it suits them (e.g. smacking). They generally choose exactly the opposite perspective on any issue to that which Christians would normally take. Conservatives can work with libertarians politically, as they are consistently liberal so agree with conservatives about half the time, such as with smacking. But the liberal left seem to be almost a complete inversion of conservatism, possibly deliberately to attack Christianity, so we don’t end up agreeing much. [emphasis added]

Samuel is pointing to an important truth here.

After World War One the marxists were dismayed to find that the working classes hadn’t used the war as an opportunity to start a communist revolution, as marxist theory said they would. Since marxist theory is (supposedly) never wrong the marxists concluded that Western cultural and religious values were blinding people to what was (supposedly) in the best interests of their class.  Therefore the marxists began to attack those Western values, their intention being to destabilise Western culture and allow the (supposedly) inevitable proletarian revolution to happen.

Western culture has its roots in Christianity, so when the marxists began to attack Western culture they also attacked Christian values. E.g. when the communists came to power in Hungary in 1919, the first thing they did was to introduce sex education into schools (yes, State teaching of moral values is nothing new). That is why the liberal left of today, who are fundamentalist marxists, choose a position on each issue that is anithetical to Christianity, as Samuel describes.

That is why, when a marae had a model canoe stolen, one of the tribal elders could go on the radio and say “You had better return that canoe, because my ancestors are strong and they will punish you” without any public objections. He could say those things because any religion except Christianity, the root of Western culture, is acceptable (yes, Maori “spirituality” is a religion, a mixture of ancestor worship and animism). If a pastor went on the radio after the burglary of a church and said “You had better return our property, because our God is strong and he will punish you” everyone, including Helen Clark, would have said that he was a religious bigot and full of superstition. The leftist media, which is practically all media, would have jumped on the bandwagon with glee.

The liberal left preach tolerance but in fact they only tolerate what they consider to be acceptable, which is pretty much anything apart from traditional Western and Christian values. Even if you are not a Christian you should be concerned about the deliberate undermining of Western cultural values, which has moved New Zealand away from being a peaceful and stable country to being a place of cultural and ideological conflict.


  1. That certainly helps to explain the reason for this way of thinking. Thanks.

    Comment by Mr Dennis — August 31, 2008 @ 4:32 pm

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