Kiwi Polemicist

August 30, 2008

Winston Peters and the real enemy

Just some brief thoughts:

♦ the official press release says that “the Rt Hon Winston Peters has offered to stand aside from his portfolios while the Serious Fraud Office makes its investigations.” Is it still an “offer” if you make it while a gun is held to your head?

Mike Moore says “In any other country Winston would have been gone by now.” That is the what happens with MMP: politicians from the lunatic fringe keep their jobs because they prop up totalitarian governments that are so unpopular that they can’t govern alone

♦ sending donations intended for NZ First through a trust before they get to NZ First is just plain stupid (if in fact that is the truth – finding the truth in Petersland is like the search for the lost ark of the covenant). Politicians know that they are subject to public scrutiny

♦ Helen Clark has known since February that Glenn and Peters were telling different stories. Why didn’t she quietly try to find out the truth before now when she knew that it was a very large can of worms, and that the worms were trying to get out? I think that she didn’t want to upset Peters, on whom her dictatorship depends, and that she was hoping that the worms would stay in the can until after the election

♦ John Key had better keep his word about not dealing with Peters after the election, otherwise his credibility will be shot. On the radio Key said that he wouldn’t deal deal with Peters even if it meant that National couldn’t form a government

♦ why is the billionaire Owen Glenn supporting Labour & NZ First? It’s not usual for billionaires to support the Left, who are rabidly opposed to big business and who steal from the rich to give to the poor. I can see two possible reasons: (1) Glenn is a chardonnay socialist and/or (2) Glenn has been trying to curry favour as a way of becoming honorary consul to Monaco, a job that he has been lobbying for. If most of his assets are overseas and away from the sticky fingers of the Left then he has little to lose by supporting them, whilst being honorary consul would improve his business prospects in Europe and elsewhere.

don’t lose sight of the real enemy while Winston is hogging the limelight, the real enemy being Helen, Labour, & the Greens. Peters is only dangerous in so far as he keeps Labour in power and draws public attention away from the real enemy: apart from that he is to this country as a flea is to an elephant.

Here’s a picture from Hopefully the knife-thrower is just warming up:


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