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August 27, 2008

It was great to see Winston Peters looking down the barrel of a loaded gun

TV3 has video of yesterday’s travesty in parliament. Notice that Peters’ blink rate goes through the roof when Rodney Hide racks a round into his shotgun and aims at Peters: I suspect that those blinks were morse signals to Margaret Wilson, the speaker: “SOS…SOS…SOS…SOS…SOS…SOS”. Wilson showed herself to be incapable of adjudicating a dispute in a kindergarten; if she did attempt such a thing she’d just give all the toys to the kid who was the favourite of the principal. The transcript from parliament is a great read, click here to view it.

The NZ Herald has published letters from Glenn and Peters: for the benefit of those people who had a State education and never learnt any logic, someone is lying here, i.e. both statements cannot be true. It’s interesting that the State teaches relative truth, but no one uses relative truth when it comes to the things that really matter.

“Shall I cross the road now? I’m really in a hurry. I can see a bus approaching. Never mind, I’m sure someone else sees an empty road here, so it must be safe to cross”. Natural selection soon weeds out those people.


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