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August 25, 2008

National proposes toll roads

National has bought up that old chestnut, toll roads. I’m all in favour of user pays and have no objection to toll roads if there is a corresponding tax decrease. Adding toll roads to our present punitive tax system is simply a tax increase, and National thinks it might be $50 per week*.

Consider this: when petrol was $2.01 in June 2008 72.9 cents of that was tax, which is over a third. If you put 60L into your car you’ve paid $43.74 in tax. The tax is made up as follows:

• 42.524 cents per litre (cpl) excise tax used for the National Land Transport Management Fund ($25.51 from your 60L fill)
• 9.34 cpl ACC levy ($5.60 from your 60L fill)
• 0.025 cpl Petroleum Fuels Monitoring levy ($0.015 from your 60L fill)
• 0.66 cpl Local Authorities Petroleum tax ($0.40 from your 60L fill)

Then, on top of those taxes they add 12.5 GST ($13.40 from your 60L fill). Yes, tax on tax. The government says that all petrol tax goes to road, which is true, but they conveniently forget about the GST that goes to the central fund. Naturally that doesn’t bother government members who have taxpayer-funded cars.

Why are we expected to pay a second time when we are already paying a 56.9% tax on petrol?

Have you ever considered why the government owns the roads? In the Communist Manifesto Marx & Engels list ten steps for the transition from a capitalist society to a communist one. Point 6 is: Centralisation of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State. They’ve got the roads sewn up but they clearly slipped up with the internet.

It’s all about control: control of your money via the theft that is taxes, and control of the transport network.


It looks like the UK has the same problem:

* update: National are now trying to extract their foot from their mouth and say it won’t be $50/week. The do cite $2 per trip as being more realistic, but if you’re a commuter that’s still $20/week, plus any shopping trips or other outings.

Beware of any government plans to toll via cameras that read number plates, or other means that allow them to track your movements. Soon the police will be wanting that information to track criminals, for the public good of course. Information is power, and governments are drunk on power.


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