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August 19, 2008

Boobs on Bikes

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The NZ Herald reports that the District Court will allow the Boobs on Bikes parade to go ahead (that’s topless women on motorbikes parading down the main street of Auckland) . The judge said that she “wasn’t satisfied that the parade breached the legal threshold of offensiveness.” In other words, New Zealand common law now says that it isn’t offensive for a woman to be topless in public. I believe that this reflects a wide spread ignorance of Western culture and history.

In Western culture there has long been a taboo about certain body parts; that’s why there is such a fuss about the exposing of them. Regardless of your moral stance or what you believe about the origin of those taboos, history clearly shows that those taboos are a cultural protective mechanism, and when those taboos are broken all sorts of harm follows. Disease, violence, and exploitation are just some of those harms.

As any teenager will tell you, once you start breaking taboos one thing leads to another. Now it’s Boobs on Bikes; how long before it’s Bonking on Bikes?


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